Design Concepts

Architect’s statement
design concept

The Banquet consists of 2 blocks of sculptural/crstal like building crafted based on the irregular outline of the site. The main restaurant has 3-tiers of single pitch dynamic soaring roof form with sleek tilted glass facade supported by slanting steel round columns and long span steel roof trusses that gives the building a modern and dynamic outlook.

Orientated to face the evening sunset, the crystal like main restaurant building is designed as a dynamic showcase for the events/celebrations that happen here in the midst of the sunset. The column free dining hall interior is dramatized by the timber feature wall inserted randomly with changing colour LED lights which provides the dining hall with ever changing backdrop for the different events/celebration that happened here after the sunset.

design concept

Purposefully designed as a high profile restaurant/event venue that introduces a whole new dining experience into Kuching City, the restaurant has a double volume dinning hall that can accommodate up to 65 tables.

Separated by an open air courtyard, the double storey western restaurant has a dynamic soaring roof form with crisp horizontal aerofoil sun louvres. The building is incorporated with open metal staircases, roof top sun deck with membrane structure and extensive balconies on the first floor to create a relax and serene ambience for an exclusive dining experience.

design concept

If has a show kitchen and a bar lounge on the ground floor with VIP dining area hovering over the first floor. The 500 sq.m. open air courtyard between the 2 buildings is lined up with palm trees, lit water-cascade and tensile structure to create a tranquil atmosphere for open air dining.

In the evening, with glittering fibre-optics of the water cascade, soothing music in the courtyard, as well as the changing colour LED lights, for the crystal like modern looking restaurant building; the Banquet is poised to be most stylish food and beverage destination that breathe new life into the Kuching City.