About Us

Basking under the glorious Sunlight of Kuching city, the BanQuet stands as a rare and precious jewel of dining place. Spread over approximately 14,000 sq feet with its own waterfront esplanade and lush landscaping, the BanQuet is a contemporary restaurant with an exceptional combination of Chinese and Western cuisine. (Halal)

在阳光明媚的古晋城,座落了一个大家拭目以待的新一代餐馆 – 三川楼 the BanQuet。三川楼是一个别具独特的现代用餐好去处。所呈现的料理体现出中西料理的风格,让您一站就可享用到两种风味的餐馆。餐馆详细的构思,加上实 际的设计,为食客打造出舒适优雅的饮食天地。

Meticulous planning and design

the banquetMeticulous planning and design coupled with practical sense has resulted in creating not merely a dining place but gracious and fully relaxed environment with 55 tables indoor and 20 tables outdoor, column free with a 6 meter height ceiling, a total of 150 private car park, 3 bus bay and valet parking service that will make our discerning patrons more than proud. The VIP rooms with windows and balconies galore, permitting views of the water features, faraway misty mountains and sunset.三川楼总面积有1万4千平方尺,餐馆室内能容纳55张桌子,户外能容纳20张桌子。馆内从地板到天花板高6米,空间无柱子,得体又宽敞。食馆也设有 150个私人泊车位及3个巴士停泊位。优质的代客停车服务让食客们有着宾至如归的感觉。从贵宾室的阳台处还能看到餐馆外的水景,也可以看到古晋的山川以及 日落。

A place of delights and wonders

the banquetThe BanQuet is well appointed, designed for maximum comfort and also tapped with latest quality finishing. The unique dual entrance is easily accessible from main road. Truly the Banquet is the creme de la creme of all cuisine places in Kuching. A place of delights and wonders one should not miss!三川楼地点优越,设计舒适,并也采用最新最优质的装璜设计。独特的双道出入口也靠近大路,方便进出。三川楼不愧是古晋最佳美食去处,一切的惊喜和享受都聚集于此,您怎么能错过!

Business Operation

the banquet

The Banquet Capacity
  • BanQuet Main Hall – 55 Tables
  • BanQuet Garden – 22 Tables
  • BanQuet Rafflesia – 9 Tables
  • BanQuet VIP Room – 10 Tables
  • BanQuet Heliconia – 20 Tables
Business Hours
  • BanQuet (Chinese Food) – 11:00AM to 2:00PM / 6:00PM to 10:00PM