Welcome to The BanQuet

Basking under the glorious Sunlight of Kuching city, the BanQuet stands as a rare and precious jewel of dining place. Spread over approximately 14,000 sq feet with its own waterfront esplanade and lush landscaping, the BanQuet is a contemporary Halal ChineseRestaurant with an exceptional combination of Chinese, Malay and Western cuisine. (Halal)

在阳光明媚的古晋城,座落了一个大家拭目以待的新一代餐馆 – 三川楼 the BanQuet。三川楼是一个别具独特的现代用餐好去处。所呈现的料理体现出中西料理的风格,让您一站就可享用到两种风味的餐馆。餐馆详细的构思,加上实际的设计,为食客打造出舒适优雅的饮食天地。

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